Design bbq

L3 Designgrill im Stall


PERFORMANCE – 365 days a year

ACCELERATION – from endorphin to adrenalin

EQUIPMENT – ambient LED lighting package for the workbench and underbody lighting

BODYWORK – a combination of stainless steel, concrete, cast iron, fireclay

CONSUMPTION – 1 pound of premium beef , alternatively use fish, lobster, shrimp or organic vegetables

CATEGORY – a family-friendly Compact SUV with ragtop

ENGINEERING & MANUFACTORURING – handmade in Bavaria by Kaufmann Grillkitchen

FUEL – dry, handy logs of beech

EQUIPMENT – exhaust system of stainless steel with rear diffuser

DESIGN – Miro Pistek

handmade in Bavaria


Designgrill L3

Purism for the garden: barbecue, fire and workbench, the L3 is an absolutely weatherproof barbecue for every day outdoor use. On request with LED light package and sockets. Concrete, stainless steel, cast iron and fireclay are the ingredients that guarantee 365 days of barbecue season over many years, whether by the sea, in the city, in the forest or in the mountains.

Make the ember a friend, dope the fire and conjure up delicious things. Enjoy the preparations, look forward to the vibrant scent of the heat, listen to the recognition of your guests. Your invitations become more valuable, your garden is one more attraction. At each party, the L3 becomes the center of attention as the social island of conversation.